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Zodiac signs most likely to be gay

The personality of the signs can reveal who are the ones with the most gay characteristics of the zodiac and that, probably, they are closer to the rainbow than they imagine.

The online site Autostraddle, specialized in LGBTTTIQ+ content, asked its team which signs, based on their experience and perception, have the most gay character. Most came to a conclusion.

Gemini, the gayest sign of the zodiac

Gemini is considered the sign with the most gay characteristics of the zodiac. because they are very talkative, charming, flirtatious, chaotic and dramatic. They love gossip, fuss, throwing the best parties and lose interest quickly.

The symbol of this sign is the twins and, according to the opinion of the contributors to this page, it “screams gay”. And it is that they question that they could be a couple of girlfriends or boyfriends “no one knows if they are actually brothers” they speculated.

Scorpio, the mysterious gay

The scorpion was placed in second place, a sign that is shown as hard, but behind that shell there is a tender and soft being., trait that in Autostraddle’s opinion, is very gay. In addition, they are obsessed with sex, secrets and when they are hurt or betrayed, they are vindictive.

Other signs with gay characteristics

Gemini and Scorpio, although they are the most mentioned in the blog, they are not the only ones with the gayest qualities of the zodiac. Libra, as an air sign, is happy, funny, misunderstood, sensitive and they are very heartbreakers.

Taurus is another of the signs mentioned for being very sensual and prone to pleasure, they love comfort, extravagance and are usually cheesy. Cancer is also marked with gay characteristics for being the most emotional and when he meets members of his community he feels like family.

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