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Zodiac Signs Least Affected by Mercury Retrograde for September

Mercury will be retrograde from September 9 to October 2. which means that communication, technology, information and logistics, issues that govern this planet, will not flow as we are used to, but fortunately for 4 signs of the zodiac, these effects will not be as noticeable over the next three weeks and a half.

Mercury retrograde periods are popular for their infamy, with many astrology fans blaming them for mix-ups, flight delays, missed opportunities, technological failures, and more. However, despite its bad reputation, tells us to slow down and think better about each step we take.

In this way, it will be the best time to analyze our plans, review decisions made and pay more attention to everything we express, write and do. According to Bustle’s predictions, all the signs will inevitably feel its impactbut the fixed signs will have less to worry about and they tell us why.

Mercury retrograde will be like a respite from the intense changes you have felt in recent days. Your calendar will be freed from commitments and you will have the opportunity to dedicate time to yourself. This is a good sign because it will avoid mistakes and confusion, in addition, Taurus likes slow rhythms, so he is not unaware of the feeling of stagnation of this retrograde transit.

You will be given the opportunity to reflect on the decisions you made over the summer and you will be able to take stock of your financial and sentimental situation. Mercury’s slow rite will help her catch up with friends she hasn’t seen in a long time.

The effects of Mercury retrograde will be more subtle than usual. You may experience vivid dreams and be more connected to your intuitionIn this way, you must be attentive to the messages that the universe sends you because they can represent great opportunities.

You may feel the general effects of Mercury retrograde such as delays in trips, projects or loans, however, the positive side is that you will have the opportunity to see things from another perspective. He will have new opinions and be more flexible to receive new information, which could inspire him to renew his past aspirations.

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