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Zodiac men who make excellent boyfriends, but are heartbreakers

The horoscope reveals how men behave in the face of commitment.

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The reputation of some zodiac men can be quite contrasting. Some are excellent boyfriends, romantic, attentive and loyal, however, they are not good with commitments, so they tend to be unstable in their relationships, consequently heartbreaker.

these gentlemen apparently they are good matches for many of their romantic partners, but at the slightest hint of commitment, for example, when they talk about a future together, they freak out and make any excuse to break the relationship.

What zodiac signs belong to men who are excellent boyfriends, but rather heartbreakers? Based on the predictions of the PinkVilla.com site we tell you who they are.

As a spontaneous and impulsive sign, an Aries boyfriend is fun-loving and thoughtful. He is with his partner whenever he needs them and is creative with romantic dates. In front of his friends he shows that he is a good match and manages to connect emotionally, the problem is that he tends to get bored quickly.

Leo boyfriends are open and create a strong emotional bond with their romantic partners, at least on the surface. They talk about their emotions, thoughts and feelings, but if they are not fully committed to the relationship, they get scared when they are told about living together or getting married. That’s when they become heartbreakers.

Sagittarius men as boyfriends are one of the best matches. They are always in a good mood and have the best plans. He makes her partner laugh at all times and cheers her up when she is sad or depressed. However, this sign is not one of the most stable, he is afraid of commitment because he believes that his freedom can be violated.

As an emotional water sign, a Pisces boyfriend creates a sincere connection with his romantic partners. He is romantic and does not hesitate to share his greatest secrets, the problem is that, being ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasies, he is usually a dreamer who is in constant search of his soul mate, so he can break many hearts. .

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