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Zero annuity credit card: 4 best options!

Sometimes we need to reduce our costs and optimize our money, which includes replacing cards with high fees with a zero annual fee credit card. In addition to saving money, you can still receive some benefits.

Analyze below which zero annuity credit card is ideal for you and your way of life!

What this article covers:

What is a zero annuity credit card?

In traditional banks, better known as banks that have a physical branch, they usually charge fees for their services. The annuity is a fee charged to be able to use the credit card.

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The annuity amount can be paid in cash (in just one installment) or in twelve installments in some cases. The good news is that there are other banks that offer zero annuity credit cards. Excellent for you who want to reduce your costs and still be able to use this type of service.

We separate the best cards with zero annuity for you to choose which one best suits your needs.

Banco Inter

This is a fully digital bank since 2014, which does not charge additional fees related to the services provided to its customers. Not even for bank transfers. This is already a great reason to be an Inter account holder.

When opening an account you have several benefits, such as: access to the investments tab to make your money work, cashback program when buying at partner stores, grants debit and credit card.

The card comes with contactless to speed up your payment at other establishments, but you can disable it in the app if you need to. It also lets you generate a virtual card in the app to shop online safely.
The inter bank limit usually ranges from 500 to 1,000 reais, this amount will depend on your monthly income and score. It is possible to invest in CDB plus credit limit so that your card limit increases.


At Neon bank there is no minimum income required, but some fees are charged when exceeding the amount of free withdrawals. The card offers the visa flag.


Allows you to acquire the card without requiring a minimum income. This digital account makes your money yield more than savings, it has contactless on the card and even has a points program that allows you to redeem it by adding a certain amount of points.

For every R$ 1 spent, you add one point, and it doesn’t expire, it just accumulates. And whenever you want, you can redeem them in miles, buy at partner stores and other possibilities.

The focus is on credit cards, but be aware that a fee is charged when making withdrawals.

C6 Bank

It offers cashback, does not require a minimum income to apply for the card, allows you to increase the limit when investing in the CDB and loyalty program.

Which zero annuity credit card pays off the most?

It depends. It all depends on your intention when applying for the card, if you have a low income the Neon or Nubank credit card may be ideal. But if you are focused on investing your money, the Inter bank platform is more complete.

Which zero annuity credit card pays off the most

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If you are interested in using the debit function as well, Banco Inter is ideal as it does not charge any fees. Not even withdrawal or transfers.

Compare all the benefits and choose according to your momentary need.

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