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Zen, the new Deezer application dedicated to meditation • ENTER.CO

Deezer, one of the most used music streaming platforms in the world and based in France, is planning to expand its catalog. Now, the company is targeting content dedicated to relaxation and mood, in short, meditation. At the moment, the application is only available on iOS devices, but the company is already developing the Android version.

Zen is the name of the new Deezer application, which will host at least 600 exclusive content located in different categories. To access the app, users will be able to create a new account or log in with their Deezer account. In a platform community post they suggest that Zen content will be linked to your mood (happy, neutral, bad). Likewise, the content can be consumed depending on your objectives; For example: reducing stress, improving your communication, resting better, etc. The truth is that in the content you will find relaxing sounds, even guided chapters on breathing and yoga.

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But this is not the first time that the new Deezer catalog has been discussed. In April this year, when Deezer revealed its first earnings report after the company went public in April, CEO Jeronimo Folgueira argued that Deezer was planning to launch the new meditation app. At that time Folgueira maintained that the app would have its debut in 2023; So far, the release date hasn’t been changed, but we don’t know the exact day and month either.

The company hopes to recover (and increase) its subscribers with this new line of content that they will launch soon. Well, in the results of the first half of this year, the company pointed out that they lost at least 300,000 users. As soon as Zen makes its debut, it will start to compete with companies like Calm and Headspace Health.

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