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‘Zarya of the Dawn’ the first comic created with AI to be granted copyright • ENTER.CO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has advanced to the point of creating images from short text. However, the rights of authors better known as “copyright” are increasingly questionable in terms of works created by an AI. Now, for the first time in the world, a comic created with Artificial Intelligence managed to obtain copyright.

‘Zarya of the Dawn’ is a comic created with Midjourney. Kris Kashtanova, New York author of the work, was the first to announce on her social networks the copyright rights granted to her work. And it is that, to date, all products made with AI did not fit with copyright laws to grant copyright. So what is different about this work? how did Kashtanova get the copyright?

The answer is that the pages created by Midjourney were not modified by the author. What gave Kashtanova credibility was her clarity on the creation process, which she describes as follows: “I obtained copyright from the US Copyright Office on my AI-generated graphic novel. I was transparent about how it was done and put Midjourney’s name on the cover. It was not altered in any other way. Just how it looks.”

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This translates into the big difference between “created by an AI” and “created with an AI”. The key to success is that it can be determined which work was done by the AI ​​and which work belongs to the artist. In this case, the creator wrote the entire story of the work, created the structure and chose the instructions for the AI ​​to generate the images. Midjourney later created the images. This is how ‘Zarya of the dawn’ came about, a comic “aided by an AI”.

Clearly, the comic is based on the American actress Zendaya. If you want to read ‘Zarya of the dawn’ you can download it for free on AIComicsbooks website.

Image: Zarya of the dawn

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