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YouTube will remove false content about abortions • ENTER.CO

The most important platforms on the Internet such as Facebook and Instagram have been questioned for the false content that circulates on them. Now YouTube (Google) announced that it will take action against false content regarding abortion.

This means that from now on the streaming video platform will prohibit the publication of content referring to misinformation about abortions. This happens almost a month after the court ruling that annulled the right to voluntary interruption of pregnancy in the United States. The announcement of the social network not only includes new content, but they will proceed to eliminate the already published that is erroneous in relation to to the alleged dangers of abortion, a company spokesman confirmed. A spokesman for the company explained that content such as those that state that abortion is very dangerous or that it causes infertility or cancer, would be eliminated on this social network. In this way, Google will add the issue of abortion to its health disinformation policies, this policy already includes issues of vaccines and COVID-19.

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Legislators and associations asked the platforms to protect women, allowing offers of help to continue online and not saving so much personal data. This in view of the fear that this data of women who have had abortions or of those who have helped them will be used by prosecutors for criminal proceedings. A couple of weeks ago, Google announced that the data of people visiting an abortion clinic would be automatically deleted. This to protect identity.

In addition to the measures regarding content, the YouTube platform will also add a panel with information on abortion. The objective is to provide a national and international context of health authorities on the subject.

Image: Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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