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YouTube will force channels to show their number of subscribers • ENTER.CO

All YouTube accounts have an option that allows their administrators to hide the number of subscribers their channels have. However, this week the platform published a statement announcing that this function will no longer be available from July 29.

The measure is part of a company strategy to prevent identity theft: a phenomenon that ends up benefiting those who steal the content of other creators. According to YouTube, showing the number of followers could allow users to more easily check whether or not a profile is legitimate.

The platform understands that some real accounts hide their subscribers, while trying to grow; however, he claims that the decision to stop offering that possibility is due to his own record of “bad actors” who hide their channels’ subscriber counts in order to impersonate larger and more prominent channels. An investigation on cybersecurity, published in Tenable, maintains that in sections such as YouTube Shorts, videos stolen from other social networks such as TikTok exceed 38,200.

According to YouTube, one of the methods used by these users to deceive other Internet users is to pretend to be other creators in the comments and invite people to join their fake channels.

YouTube announces the arrival of more tools for creators

In addition to the above, Google’s video platform also announced the arrival of an improved setting for the comments section in YouTube Studio, which will allow content creators to review messages first and filter them before posting. This measure is not only intended to prevent ‘spam’ in the channels, but also to prevent users who create fake channels from using these sections to attract the public to their accounts.

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