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YouTube vs. Hulu Who dominates live streaming? • ENTER.CO

YouTube Product Director Neal Mohan said that YouTube TV had reached a milestone of 5 million subscribers and test users on the social network, this announcement only casts doubt on who dominates this market. Hulu, its main competitor, claims to have 4.1 million subscribers, trial users are not counted in this figure.

The achievement shared by YouTube seems to give it the lead in this segment, but the directors refused to confirm to Tecrunch how many of those 5 million were test subscribers. For the second quarter of 2020, the announcement from Google, which owns YouTube, confirmed that there were 3 million paying subscribers (not including test users). In view of the lack of clarity regarding the figures offered, some analysts say that YouTube was ahead of its rivals last year. In September 2021, the research firm MoffettNathanson calculated that YouTube TV surpassed Hulu + Live TV and had become the largest live TV streaming service in the US.

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Announcing the milestone, Neal Mohan stressed that launching this platform is about giving users more choice while unlocking a new revenue stream for members. The social network has grown by more than 100 transmission channels in these 5 years. It has launched add-ons like 4K Plus and Sports Plus, as well as new features to differentiate its service from others on the market. Like its competitors, this YouTube service has had variations in terms of its price, going from $35 per month at its launch, to reaching $65 per month today. Both YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are way ahead of their closest competitors.

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