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YouTube Unplugged Online TV service may be coming

YouTube is arguably the most popular video hosting and streaming website on the internet, and while that’s the case, Google didn’t make any money from the service last year.

That is probably the main reason why Google is looking to bring other revenue models to the video hosting site.

The company recently launched YouTube Red, a paid subscription service offered for $9.99 per month. Subscribers get an ad-free experience on YouTube and access to original content and formats that are only available to them.

Google has yet to reveal the success of YouTube Red, but it was clear from the start that it’s just the first step for the company.

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Google is reportedly in talks right now to add an online TV service to YouTube to bridge the gap between traditional TV and the Internet.

The idea behind YouTube Unplugged is to bring cable TV to YouTube’s audience for a subscription fee. However, unlike traditional cable TV subscriptions, YouTube plans to make the channels available in smaller packages that users can select from those they are interested in.

While not explicitly mentioned, it seems likely that the offering is limited to the United States. All of the companies YouTube is in talks with right now are based in the US, and if the past is anything to go by, the offering will be geographically restricted and not available to a worldwide audience.

However, it would be a pleasant surprise if that wasn’t the case and something that could break the geographical barrier that has prevented content from being accessible all over the world at the same time for so long.

YouTube is targeting 2017 as the launch year for YouTube Unplugged. However, the company has yet to sign a contract with one of the major US cable providers, and that’s one of the reasons why some key information is not yet known.

We don’t yet know, for example, if YouTube Unplugged will be added to YouTube Red, available as a YouTube Red add-on, or if it will only be available separately on the site.

Reports suggest that YouTube is aiming to offer a core package for less than $35, suggesting that YouTube Unplugged will likely be a standalone offering that users need to sign up for separately.

YouTube plans to offer less viewed packages as well as having smaller channel groups that users can subscribe to alongside the main package.

It remains to be seen how successful such an offer would be. It depends a lot on the price and the content, but also on how it is offered.

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