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Your resolutions for 2023: why they will not begin to manifest until January 21, according to astrology

If you feel that your New Year’s resolutions They didn’t start off on the right foot. the explanation can be found in what happens in heaven. 2023 started with Mars and Mercury retrogradeplanets that influence how we act and communicate, which is why it is possible to feel that we are not progressing as we would have liked.

Both retrograde transits are like an anchor for our goals, which is why astrologers recommend patience, that is, save energy to start our plans until January 21once the full supermoon occurs in Aquarius.

This means that you should not judge yourself for not already starting your goals, save that momentum until the right moment, that is the recommendation of astrologers.

Retrogrades are capable of stopping things while they are in effect, but they serve as an opportunity to reflect and are the perfect excuse to rest.

Mercury began its retrograde on December 29, 2022 and will end until January 18 of this year, while Mars began its retrograde on October 30 and will turn direct on January 12. These transits do not align with our purposessaid astrologers The AstroTwins in an article for Mind Body Green.

What should we do until then? Retrogrades are periods that We must take the opportunity to reflect and reevaluatein this process we could discover that not all of our New Year’s goals really align with what we want.

January 21, 2023 must be considered as the true start of the year Regarding our purposes, until then, astrologers suggest focusing on personal life, that is, working on relationships with our loved ones and allowing emotions to come out.

Once both retrogrades finish, the purposes will be clearer and they will have more potential, the astrologers conclude.

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