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Your Housing Credit doesn’t take a vacation: renegotiate conditions and save!

It would be a real break, but Housing Credit doesn’t take a vacation. Even during those leisure days in which bills, expenses and debts are not a part, the installment is debited. And the news is not encouraging for those who have housing credit: Euribor continues to rise and, even for those with a fixed rate, Inflation is a threat to the balance of family finances.

If that’s your case, Take advantage of your vacation free time to review your credit conditions. There are several points where you can save: spread, associated products or even insurance.

It may sound strange: as a rule on holidays we always allow ourselves to spend a little more than usual. But if you decide to review the conditions of your Home Loan, you can even go back to work with more money in your account. Get to know the example of Sofia, one of the thousands of clients that Doutor Finanças has already helped with this process:

Sofia had a housing loan of €180,000common term of 35 years is 2% fee. per month this customer paid 596.27 euros in installments.

With the intervention of Doctor Finance, Sofia managed to move to a rate of 1.1%, with a new installment of 516.57 euros. It is a saving of 79.72 euros every monthwhich represents a annual savings of 956.64 euros.

At the end of 35 years, this customer will have saved 33,485.27 euros

This, at no additional cost.

The Doctor Finance service is completely free for you. On your part, it is only necessary to have some time available and the delivery of the documents necessary for the negotiation with the banks, which, at the end of the process, pays Doctor Finance.

Doctor Finance simplify bureaucracy

Vacations and bureaucracy don’t mix! Therefore, Doutor Finanças simplifies the collection of documents and streamlines the negotiation process as much as possible. Specialists in Mortgage Credit clarify all your doubts and proceed with the negotiation with the various banks to obtain a better proposal of conditions for your current credit. All digitally, without having to leave the house.

Don’t put off the decision to review your Housing Credit until later. Fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly by one of our specialists, who will evaluate your case and proceed with the negotiations.

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