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Young Apprentice Registration Caixa Econômica 2018

Entries are open for Young Apprentice Caixa Econômica 2023, a program that offers opportunities for young people interested in working as apprentices at one of the largest banks in the country. Find out how to secure your spot at wwwciee.org.br Jovem Aprendiz Caixa.

Carried out in partnership with the Company-School Integration Center (CIEE), the apprentice program must provide at least 1,000 job openings throughout the year, throughout Brazil, training young people for the job market.

And in addition to professional training, the program also encourages the practice of citizenship and ethical values, contributing to the personal growth of the participants, who will be able to acquire a lot of experience for future activities.

What this article covers:

Young Apprentice Caixa Econômica

The Young Cashier Apprentice provides practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for the performance of a profession, including participation in free professional courses, taught by partner institutions of the bank.

The professional training offered by the program is in the area of ​​Banking and Administrative Services, and those hired for Caixa apprentice positions can practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom by working in one of the CEF branches.

In other words, participating in this program is a great choice for anyone wishing to work at Caixa, as apprentices have the opportunity to get to know the entire routine of a bank branch, gaining experience for future work.

THE Caixa Adolescent Apprentice Program, as the project is also known, offers benefits such as a minimum wage allowance, transport vouchers, food allowance, vacations and FGTS (2%). The daily journey is 6 hours.

Young Apprentice Enrollment Caixa Econômica

To enroll in the Program, you must have the following profile:

  • Age between 14 years and 6 months and incomplete 16 years;
  • Be attending at least the 9th year of elementary school or EJA courses;
  • Have a per capita family income of up to 50% of the minimum wage.

At enrollment for CEF apprentice can be done through the website www.ciee.org.brwhere you can find more details about the program (location of vacancies, selection process, deadlines, etc.).

More information about apprentice vacancies is also available at Apprentice Caixa’s website and by calling 0800-726-0101.

10 reasons to be a young Caixa apprentice

Young apprentice programs, such as Caixa’s, bring numerous benefits. If you intend to enroll in one of them, check out some of the advantages.

1) Labor Market

First it is always challenging, but those who are part of the program enter the job market with a lot of support and help, since they start as a kind of intern and can grow professionally.

2) Professional qualification

Many young people have not yet chosen which career to follow, but if they start working early on, they will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and professional qualifications.

3) Possibility of effectiveness

Many people are hired after completing the apprenticeship program. This comes from commitment within the institution and if it is notorious, it will certainly have great opportunities, as it already knows the company’s work scheme.

4) Basis for studies

It is by working through the program that students can, from an early age, have access to everything they want, whether it be buying a video game or even saving money for college.

5) Agreements

Many companies make health plans and this is good for those who previously did not have access to quality services. Therefore, use this tool whenever necessary, take care of your health and work with dedication.

6) Everyone wins with your hiring

Hiring a young apprentice is extremely important for everyone, starting with the company, which, in addition to reducing costs, demonstrates its concern with professional training. For the country, young people can be better prepared for the job market. For you, all the advantages mentioned above.

7) Professionals to instruct

Those who are starting out in the job market have many doubts, but you can rest assured that you will have the support of a professional to guide you, show you the paths and how to deal with the challenges that will still come.

8) Workload

Those who study can have a maximum of 6 hours a day of apprenticeship, on the contrary, without studies, the young person can perform their function for up to 8 hours a day. Regardless, this period is enough for you to study, work and rest.

9) Ministry of Labor

Nobody signs a young apprentice contract without following the guidelines of the Ministry of Labor. It is precisely through this system that all the rights of young apprentices are guaranteed, including the work in the professional card. When being hired, read the contract well and make sure everything is right.

Remember, your rights are at stake and you have to start working from an early age thinking about the rights and duties you have to fulfill.

10) Important partnerships

Some companies offer the young apprentice program on their own, while others form partnerships with institutions that offer the professional course, such as Senai. Many students seek the course because they want to enter the job market and understand the importance of this relationship between the educational institution and the company they want to hire.

In many cases, what counts is the student’s performance within these two environments, so study and dedicate yourself to work, have goals and objectives to achieve important results in this early stage of life.

Do you want to find more first job opportunities like the Caixa Econômica Young Apprentice? Visit our Job Vacancies website and find more opportunities for your career.

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