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You want to create your own company? 5 tips to keep in mind

Opening your own company is one of the most valued projects of every entrepreneur. In simple words, it is about the realization of a dream, the materialization of one of the purposes of life that matter most to us. Getting ready to open a business involves a lot of energy and motivation, but also great challenges to meet. Procedures, procedures and formalities that must be very well done, so that your business starts off on the right foot. In this sense, advice on business creation is one of those investments that can add a lot to your beginnings.

The 5 tips you should know before creating your company

Each business model has its own peculiarities. Depending on what you want to do, you will need to found a specific type of society. Also detail the capital contribution, if necessary, and other formalities. Services such as the Sapientia online advisory service facilitate the process, helping you to update all the legal aspects of the business, in record time. If you are about to materialize the great project of creating your own company, do not miss this selection of the best types, which will help you get started in the best way. Let us begin!

1. The type of company you need

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We start from the most basic: the foundation of the company. The first thing you should document is the incorporation and capital disbursement options to leave your operating company. In case you hire a professional consulting service, they will guide you on which alternative is best for you according to your goals. The most common are limited companies, which offer a wide margin of action for the commercial activity you choose to develop.

You must define if your company will require capital disbursement, in what amount and form. You even have the possibility to start your business without making an initial capital outlay. In fact, limited companies require a minimum of three thousand euros to start their operations, but it is not necessary to make contributions in cash. You can also make a disbursement in kind, which does not involve leaving the cash that you may need to start working. This can be justified with assets such as vehicles, office furniture, among others.

2. The foundation time

This is another element that you must take into account when setting up your own company. These are procedures that can take time, but being managed through a professional company, they can be reduced to a minimum. In fact, Your limited company registration can be up and running in as little as 48 hours. This implies that you can start your commercial activity and your billing in record time.

3. Register your company online

Another advantage of taking your first steps in the business world at the hands of a professional firm is practicality. The experts take care of the procedures that would otherwise take you much longer, and you do not have to do any face-to-face management. In fact, The process is comfortable, simple and very fast. The company can be incorporated electronically, without travel except to your nearest Notary. You also get a provisional CIF in 24 hours to be able to invoice from the first moment.

4. The rental of the premises

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Here is one of the most important decisions you must make in the process of opening your own company. Do you need a business premises to take your first steps in the business world? Well, the answer will depend entirely on the field in which you have decided to undertake. If it is a cafeteria, a restaurant, a clothing factory, then you will need a physical space. Moreover, in the case of businesses where you receive public, such as restaurants, bars or gyms, you will have to make a significant investment in adaptation and decoration of the premises.

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However, If your business does not require receiving public directly, or a space to manufacture products, then perhaps you can take your first steps without having to incur the fixed cost of a local, adaptation, decoration, services and taxes. We are in an era in which digital environments predominate, and through the Internet, social networks and networking, you can grow your business, making it solid before incurring higher expenses.

5. Advertising

Now, what you should not skimp on when starting your new business is advertising. This is the most important investment to make your brand visible and consolidate a client portfolio. The beginnings are perhaps the most key moments to design a powerful advertising strategy that communicates the differential value of your brand and allows you to win your first customers. Then, if the product is good, people will buy from you again and recommend you.

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