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You have to catch them all with these Pokémon Galaxy Buds 2! • ENTER.CO

Pokémon masters will be wishing they had a ticket to Korea and, incidentally, a good amount of space on their card after seeing the new special edition Galaxy Buds 2 for Pokémon. Although the headphones themselves are nothing special, the charm is in the case in which they can be loaded: a pokeball.

Poor now the details about the launch of this special edition are quite scarce. The special edition is listed in a Samsung accessory store for Korea. The description does not give details of when it will be launched, but rather ensures that it is a product that is being prepared, although it does give us a price for it: 134,000 won (approximately 419,000 Colombian pesos).

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The curious thing about this shell is that, to be honest, for many people it can be more of an idea to replicate than a product that they have to buy. The Galaxy Buds 2 case is not the whole unified pokeball, but more of a ‘case’ for the Galaxy Buds 2 case itself, so you can remove it (and, in fact, the images seem to indicate that it is necessary to be able to charge the hearing aids).

The headphones also include a series of stickers that remind us of the original Pokémon pogs, so bonus points for hitting the nostalgia.

Considering that it is very unlikely that we will see this limited edition in Western markets, we suggest using it as inspiration. Living in Latin America is usually this permanent bad luck of losing limited editions of devices for anime lovers. For example, Oppo’s Evangelion cell phone that came out a few years ago.

The Galaxy Buds 2 arrived in Colombia last year for a price of $499,900 Colombian pesos.

Images: Samsung

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