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You don’t like a website? Destroy it..

Yes, this sounds crazy at first glance, but a friend of mine and I thought of something similar a few days ago. So, let’s destroy some websites. My first target: Microsoft, the weapon: Muddy Footprints. After about a minute, the entire site was full of mud. Great, now something more devastating. I planted some nasty landmines on my good friend Derryck’s website from connected to the internet.

That really had to hurt. Do you have a friend whose site you want to destroy? Go to Netdisaster.com or Destroy Sites, enter the target URL, select your weapon of choice from (30/16) different ones, including shots, kisses, anthills, tomatoes, and a ghost. Turn sounds on or off and select to automatically destroy the site or manually destroy it. Press go and the site will face serious damage: practically of course. Netdisaster includes additional weapons such as meteors, a knife, a god or a chainsaw. I suggest you visit this website if you want to see the full arsenal of weapons.

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Manual destruction is much more difficult, you have to find the places you can click to execute the action. My suggestion, use self-destruct, sit back and watch the computer do the work for you. No harm was done to websites during the creation of this article.

The Netdisaster developers have created a desktop application that you can run on your PC to destroy your desktop. If you’re a webmaster, you can also embed the code on your website so visitors have a chance to destroy it.

The second service, Destroy Sites, has been discontinued and the site it was posted to is no longer available. Therefore, we have removed the link from this article as it is no longer needed.

To update: Netdisaster is no longer available as an online service that you can run to destroy any website you enter in the form on the service page. The developers have created a Chrome extension that you can use to destroy websites you come across. Unfortunately, extensions for other browsers are not available.

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