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You can now edit tweets! if you have a paid subscription • ENTER.CO

Twitter has been characterized as a social network totally different from all the others. In fact, we recently saw a movement that showed that the little blue bird’s social network is not looking for rivals but rather to unite with the competition. But, although I love Twitter, I must accept that it lacks functions that other social networks already have, such as editing published content, in this case, tweets.

After several pleas from users, the Twitter team seems to have listened. Tweet editing reached several users on Wednesday, September 22, although the function has a SMALL limitation: it is available to few users. That’s right, the company decided to roll out the feature specifically to users signed up for a paid subscription.

That being said, only ‘Twitter blue’ users have access to trill editing, of which we already know some features. The first thing you should know is that you will only have 30 minutes after posting the tweet to be able to edit it. Likewise, as we had previously reported, the editing history will be visible to the public.

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The new option works like this. Twitter will add a label to edited tweets, which users can tap to see previous versions of the tweet. Truth be told, this isn’t very helpful, as editing the tweet means the author didn’t want people to see the original tweet. Ultimately, if what you want is to hide a poorly written publication or with content that you regretted, the best option will be to delete the tweet and publish it again corrected.

For its part, the social network has not commented on its new function, so we still do not know whether or not they have plans to expand it. However, everyday users of the classic version are still waiting for the feature to reach our accounts. As soon as the new option expands to other users, we will inform you.

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