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You can now “Dislike” TikTok comments • ENTER.CO

“I don’t like” is the new option you have to be able to show disapproval of comments made on TikTok.

This option in the social network was available to users from a few countries, but now it has been deployed to the whole world without restrictions. Its operation is very similar to how similar options already work in other social networks. By simply pressing the button with your thumb down or even pressing again if you want to undo the function.

TikTok confirmed on its Twitter account that this tool is looking to boost reactions to hurtful or inappropriate comments. Possibly a comment with some amount of ‘dislike‘ will send a warning to TikTok about hate, spam, or trolling content that might go unnoticed in other scenarios. Also this type of buttons would help to promote healthier comments and therefore a better coexistence within the social network.

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Of course, the platform is also aware of the potential for abuse of this feature, so it will not display counts. Although so far it has not been clarified whether the social network will take retaliatory measures against the inappropriate use of this button.

Similarly, this is one of the many content moderation tools that are now available on the TikTok social network. The company’s combined resources can help keep tabs on comments and replies sections that often go unattended. This becomes a challenge for the same platform that has continually presented a few obstacles to enforce its moderation policies among the community.

These are challenges that you face with situations such as misinformation, as a study recently revealed, about the amount of fake news on TikTok. The ‘dislikes’ can help a lot in this type of platform control, but they are certainly not part of a definitive or secure solution for content moderation.

Image: May Gauthier on Unsplash

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