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Yes, he liked it: Santiago Giménez thanks the fan who composed a song for him

After scoring his 11th goal with the Feyenoord Rotterdam, Santiago Gimenez was the inspiration for a fan local, who Wrote a song in her honor which made it clear that the mexican striker is becoming an idol in the netherlands, because, in addition, the lyrics are in Spanish. Well then, “El Bebote” has already reacted and shown that he liked the song.

“Giménez is better, Giménez is better, Gimenez better. He is a great player. He is a Mexican boy, he is a Mexican boy, he is a boy from the sky blues at Feyenoord Rotterdam”, sees the theme that is in the tune of “Merry Christmas”.

After the video with the song was broadcast on social networks, it reached the ears of Santiago Giménez, who did not take long to thank the gesture and give his opinion.

“Hahahahahahaha, very goodoooo! Thanks”said the player, who cited the tweet with the clip from Piebe-Guido van den Berg, the author of the letter, who, by the way, is not a fan of Feyenoord, but of another Rotterdam team: Excelsior, although he clarified that He likes to create themes dedicated to soccer and its protagonists that inspire him, regardless of team or nationality.

Santiago Giménez is unstoppable

After this gesture, the Mexican striker scored again, a very valuable goal that meant victory and a place in the semifinals for his team in the Netherlands Cup. It was the 12th goal in his personal tally since he arrived in Europe.

This shows that the player is responding, with notes, to the club and to all the people he entrusted, so that his communion with the Rotterdam fans is growing.

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