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Year of the Water Rabbit: what it means spiritually and its impact on your life

Once the new Moon of January occurs in Aquarius we will begin to receive the energy of the Water Rabbit, sign and element that corresponds to the Chinese New Year 2023which will start this Sunday.

Chinese astrology predicts that it will be a more pleasant year compared to Tiger 2022 because the Rabbit symbolizes hope, peace and harmony. Its energy asks us to slow down, focus on what is important, rest and focus our efforts on what is priority for our life.

Spiritual meaning of the Water Rabbit

The Year of the Water Rabbit arrives with the Yin qualities, energetic expression that denotes softness and gentleness. In this way, it encourages us to flow, trust our intuition and seek joy, reviews the Forever Conscious site in an article.

However, he said that this year it may be challenging to make firm decisions, set healthy boundaries, and take leaps of faith toward our goals. And it is that the nature of Yin makes us act from the heart.

The Yin Water Rabbit keeps our mind open to new possibilities and expanding ideas that we thought were done, that is, we must be receptive to the changes we will experience this year, not stagnate in old habits and ideals, break limits and avoid restricting goals or dreams. This year is the perfect year to think big, because we might be surprised at what we will achieve.

How will the Year of the Water Rabbit impact our lives?

This year’s Water element means going with the flow, letting things flow and being receptive to the higher.

Last year it was Yang Water, associated with rapid currents and large bodies of water such as oceans, but Yin Water is soft and connects with streams, lakes and light rain.

For this reason, our lives may be more relaxed and calm, but there is a risk of getting stuck or stuck in one place. This means that we must work harder to not lose sight of our goals.

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