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Year of the Water Rabbit: 5 ways to improve your luck in 2023

Red is the lucky color for Chinese culture and symbolizes joy.

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The lunar new year that just began on January 22 and that corresponds to the Water Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, augurs hope and a positive cycle, but it can also generate stagnation because this animal sign likes peace and tranquility. . How to prevent it from being an unlucky year? With simple habits it is possible to have an auspicious Chinese year.

Some signs of the Chinese zodiac will be luckier than others in the Year of the Water Rabbit, however, they will not be exempt from challenges, difficulties and problems that they will have to face. This means that for the entire eastern zodiac there will be good and bad times, but they can improve their luck. In an article, the Your Chinese Astrology site gives us some useful tips to attract fortune in 2023.

1. Use lucky charms

Chinese culture is one of the most superstitious in the world, according to reports, which is why various rituals are used to “scare away” evil spirits. Lucky charms are perfect for attracting fortune because it is enough to have them tied to us. A yellow ribbon or bracelet or a necklace with the rabbit figurine is suggested.

2. Wear red

Red is the lucky color for Feng Shui, which is why it is the predominant tone for the Orientals. In this way, it is suggested to wear red to attract prosperity and happiness. Of course not every day you have to wear an outfit of this color; with an accessory or red bracelet will be enough.

3. Shower before an important event

For the Chinese, the shower is a ritual that symbolizes purification. Water is the source of wealth and can relieve the body of fatigue and heal the soul. That is why they recommend showering before attending an important activity.

4. Keep the positive approach

One of the most important things to be lucky is to keep thinking positive. Whenever you have a challenge, difficulty, problem, etc., think calmly, reflect, be patient and act cautiously and without haste. Being impulsive can lead us to make bad decisions, so the key will be serenity.

5. Place plants in north and west

The most favorable directions for the Year of the Water Rabbit are north and west, locations where we are recommended to place plants for vitality. Remember that they must be natural and they have to be taken care of so that they look fresh and healthy.

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