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Yanet García, “the weather girl”, models minimal string lingerie and a fishnet dress in a video

yanet garcia She is an expert in raising the temperature with the revealing clothes that she constantly uses within her social networks, an example of this was the daring set of red lingerie with which she showed off her shapely curves while modeling with her back to the camera.

The hot images were exposed within the official Instagram profile that is also known as the sensual “weather girl“And as expected, it attracted the attention of thousands of fans who fell in love with the beauty of the former television presenter.

“No one is you and that is your superpower”, was the phrase with which the 32-year-old model accompanied the brief recording.

Although it only lasted a few seconds, the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, also showed off modeling a mesh dress with an open back that revealed the minimal string thong that she decided to wear on this occasion.

The recognition of her most demanding admirers was not only reflected in the more than 300,000 likes, because compliments rained down in the comments section, highlighting the shapely figure she has achieved with the demanding workouts she performs. That is why shortly after he also shared a series of photographs in which he posed with the same clothes.

It should be remembered that the waste of sensuality with translucent lingerie that leaves very little to the imagination began in April 2021 when she decided to join the OnlyFans exclusive content platform, where she also models tiny bikinis that barely cover the essentials.

And although her public has repeatedly criticized her for not showing too much, she is sure that she does not plan to do nudes, as she explained during a recent question-and-answer dynamic on her Instagram stories, where she clarified that she will only publish sexy content. posing in lingerie and swimsuits.

“Each person shares different content. In my case, I make exclusive content on lingerie and swimsuits, I don’t do nudes. So that sexy part of me can be found there, but without nudity, ”she commented in one of the messages that were taken up by other social networks.

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