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Yanet García, “the weather girl”, exposes her rear guard while dancing in tiny black lingerie

Yanet Garcia.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

yanet garcia She does not tire of attracting attention on social networks and once again she captured all eyes with a video in which she showed off her dazzling beauty with a set of lingerie that, as usual, left in evidence his turned rearguard.

There is no doubt that the Mexican model and former television presenter who is known as “The weather girl” is an expert in provoking all kinds of reactions when it comes to sharing sensual images in which she appears posing with daring bikinis or sets of lingerie, garments with which her stylized figure steals the spotlight, especially since she decided to join the list of celebrities who pose on the exclusive content page onlyfans.

But as is customary on her official Instagram profile, the actress also shared a brief preview of what her millions of subscribers will be able to enjoy, and that is that she published a video with which she raised the temperature posing with a revealing set of lingerie black with which he posed in front of the mirror.

After showing off sensual angles of her anatomy, the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, confirmed that she is one of the favorites on social networks, reaching nearly 200,000 heart-shaped reactions in a few hours, in addition to messages on social media. compliments showered him.

Luckily for his millions of fans, the seductive images that he enjoys sharing are not only given through Instagram, because another profile in which he has managed to cause a stir in each publication he makes is TikTok.

A clear example of what he is capable of provoking was the short video he shared during this Christmas season, where he appeared posing with translucent stockings in green and red tones with which he provoked the excitement of his admirers.

The dose of sensuality and beauty began with a seductive dance that she performed in front of the camera, to later slightly lower her stockings to show the tiny red lingerie she is wearing underneath, confirming that no matter what she does, she always manages to crown herself as one of the darlings.

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