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Yalitza Aparicio turned 29 years old being one of the biggest revelations in cinema

The Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio, nominated for an Oscar for the film “Roma” in 2019

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The Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio Martinez She is turning 29 today and is considered one of the biggest revelations in fashion.

Apart from her profession as an actress, where she achieved stardom in the 2018 film Roma, Aparicio he is also a teacher.

For the year 2019, he earned the award as one of Time magazine’s most influential people.

That same year, she was named United Nations Ambassador for indigenous peoples and the BBC included her among the 100 most influential women in the world.

From the year 202 it is part of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

In some of the films that this actress has appeared, in addition to Rome in 2018 where she played the role of “Cleo”, there is Let’s Dance, that same year. In 2020 she was inn “The Rebirth of an Industry”and in 2022 he will participate in a show called The Great Seduction.

While on Television he was in Sesame Street in 2019: International Women’s Day, two years later he was in Bite Size Halloween, and this 2022 he has been in Los Espookys, Mujeres asesinas and Peace Peace Now Now, a documentary.

Little known facets

We have already been able to summarize in a few paragraphs about Aparicio a bit of his artistic career. Now we will tell you some of the facets few known of her.

As we anticipated, Yalitza ventured into the world of education, preschool. He says that it will be a discipline that he will resume at some point.

“Teacher still here, present, never going away It is something I dreamed of being, it is something that will be with me and will not go away, we will continue to be a teacher forever,” she recently pointed out, who said that becoming a public image made her rethink what she would do in the future.

“I began to analyze what I was doing at this moment and it was clear, I am doing the same thing, unlike the fact that I no longer only have a group of 30 students, which is very common in Oaxaca, but rather a larger audience. and I could reach different points, I could already expand that dream I had to more places”, he deepened.

In the world of social networks too He has already tried being a Youtuber, Well, he opened his channel in July 2010.

she has more than 208 thousand subscribers in this social network.

Polyglot: The actress also stands out for speaking four languages, her native Spanish, English, Triqui and Mixtec.

“Let no girl and boy grow up ashamed of their roots, who know that speaking an indigenous language is a source of pride, as long as they reveal the world from their richest perspective,” he said in 2019 when was became a UN ambassador.

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