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Yalitza Aparicio shows skin in a fitted white dress to star in a magazine cover

One of the favorite Latinas to star in magazine covers in recent times is Yalitza Apariciowho again captivated by the impressive looks that she wore exclusively for the magazine “Newsweek in Spanish”.

It was through her official Instagram profile, where the teacher also let the cover of the publication speak for itself and did not put any caption.

in the snapshot The Mexican actress could be seen wearing a fitted white mermaid-cut dress, with long sleeves, but with cuts on the chest and abdomen that reveal her skin.

For the lower part of the cover, a phrase was cited that the producer also mentioned during the talk she gave for the publication: “We continue to flourish.” Minutes later, Yalitza Aparicio released the entire photo, which was used for the cover of the aforementioned magazine.

Yalitza Aparicio talks about discrimination in the cinema

In the interview that Yalitza Aparicio gave to “Newsweek in Spanish”, she assured that within the film industry there is still a lot of discrimination, but this itself has motivated her to get ahead.

“Being an indigenous woman is a triple strength because, despite the fact that there is progress in society, we not only encounter gender discrimination, but also because of our roots, our culture, our language and our skin color. . So it takes a lot of strength to continue despite all that,” she revealed.

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