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Yalitza Aparicio shows her pregnancy belly on Instagram, she had it well kept!

stop everything, Yalitza Aparicio, an Oscar-nominated actress, appeared pregnant on her Instagram account. Just as dear readers read it, Yali left us with our mouths open by showing off her pregnant belly.

Without a doubt, she is one of the most famous actresses of the moment, and for this reason everything she publishes becomes news, which is why she surprised more than one with this enigmatic image.

Yalitza triggered the furore after she recently released a photograph that quickly became a trend. And it is that in it the actress who has also participated in various Mexican short films was shown like never before, Well, she appears wearing a pregnancy belly, something that has caused all kinds of reactions in her fans.

However, after reviewing the context of her publication, it can be seen that the artist made a publication referring to her work, and that is that it is part of the production called “Mujeres asesinas”.

As is customary, The artist originally from Oaxaca constantly reveals the process of her work and that of her colleagues at the time of a shoot.

The famous used this pregnancy belly as part of the project she is filming and of which she let it be known that she is happy working in the company of great stage artists on the film set.

This photograph immediately became relevant due to the prominence of her abdomen, however, So far it is unknown if Aparicio intends to become a mother in the short term, although more than one Internet user questioned it and they hope to get answers soon.

After the premiere of the movie “Roma” the famous woman achieved enormous recognition, perhaps one of the most important in recent years for any artist born in Aztec land and that earned her many followers.

Even the Oscar nomination for Cuarón’s film was undoubtedly the spearhead that his career needed, which almost suddenly generated an international impact.

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