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Yalitza Aparicio gets a historic nomination for a Mexican actress Bravo!

ohYalitza Aparicio he did it again! The actress originally from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca in Mexico is once again placed in the center of the spotlight once it was announced that millions of fans will soon see her again parading on a red carpet.

This will happen next January when the protagonist of “Roma” participates in the 2023 Sundance Festival.

Aparicio is nominated for her participation in the short film “Chica de fábrica” ​​(Sweatshop Girl), which has recently been selected to premiere at the prestigious international film festival.

The work, starring Yalitza Aparicio, is written and directed by the young filmmaker Selma Cervantes, a filmmaker who was nominated for the 2021 Ariel Awards in the “fiction short film” category, for Manchester Acatitla.

With this news, Yalitza Aparicio confirms that her work projects continue to consolidate her as one of the most successful actresses of the moment and also confirms that her career continues to rise.

It will be in a month when her millions of fans will see her parade again on the “red carpet” of the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, which will take place from January 19 to 29, in Park City, Utah.

The world premiere of “Chica de fábrica” ​​was announced by the director herself, Selma Cervantes, who released the news from her Instagram account.

In his publication, he also took the opportunity to thank everyone who made this event possible, from the film crew to the actors.

“Sweatshop Girl / Chica de Fábrica will have its world premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Thank you cast, crew, our families and friends for all your talent and effort. Without you this would not be possible.”

It was the text that Selma shared this week on the social network, where her fans and followers congratulated her on this achievement.

On the social networks of the 2023 Sundance Festival, the dates on which the film will be screened with Yalitza Aparicio, It will be part of the number one short film program at the prestigious film festival.

It will be on January 19, 20, 21, 24 and 29 when “Chica de fábrica” (Sweatshop Girl) will be screened along with other films, such as “Help Me Understand”, “Parker”, “Sunflower Siege Engine”, “ Inglorious Liaisons” and “Ricky.” “Heroico” will also be released, the new film by David Zonana, which stands out in the international program of fiction feature films at the festival.

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