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Yailin, wife of Anuel AA, smashed the cell phone on the head of a cheerleader from the Dominican Republic

The wife of anuel aa, Yailin The Most Viral, is involved in tremendous controversy in her native Dominican Republic. While the chivirika she is about to give birth to her first daughter with the ragpicker, the stove, A radio and TV presenter denounced her before the authorities of that country for having smashed a cell phone on her head.

A few days ago a recording went viral where you can listen to Yailin The Most Viral discuss with another woman, which in this case and according to what she has said in interviews, would be the stove. According to her account, Anuel AA’s wife arrived at the hairdresser’s and went to complain to the presenter about alleged defamations that she had made of the urban genre singer.

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“What defamations are you talking to me about?”, he replies the stove in an exclusive interview with Alofoke. “Turn my tones down. You want me to smash the damn phone over your head?”I would have said Yailin The Most Viral to which the other Dominican replied that she agreed to do it and that was exactly what happened. In addition, she would have ripped off the extensions as well, according to this woman’s statements.

Also the stove was intercepted by some media on the outskirts of the police and there he said that just put the complaint to Yailin and that he was not going to declare anything else to wait for the law to take care of it. It should be noted that Neither Yailin La Más Viral nor Anuel AA have spoken about it.

Nor can it be seen in the video of the discussion that what actually happened happened the stove What happened at the hairdresser? What was made public was the written statement against Yailin La Más Viral and against her sisterwho apparently also accompanied La Chivirika at the time of the alleged attack.

Secondly, Yailin the Most Viral said that she is about to give birth and that in just a few weeks he will finally meet the love of his daughter as a result of his relationship with Karol G’s ex, Anuel AA. Also, The chivirika He also released a little bit of his new song through Instagram and assured that 4 more songs are coming.

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