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Yailin does not hold back and gives Anuel AA a very sensual twerk with her pregnancy belly | VIDEO

Once again the most controversial couple made up of Yailin Y anuel aa They became a trend after sharing a video on their social networks where they can be seen “dogging” up on stage.

This regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy. The recording earned her a lot of criticism from Internet users who assured that the rapper does not need to come to that.

Despite the harsh comments that his publication deserved, Yailin, 20 years old, showed that critics don’t care about her and that in the meantime she is enjoying the best stage of her pregnancy and also her relationship.

It was a little over a month ago when both singers announced that they were expecting their first baby, which will be named Cattleya.

What has become evident to the fans of both celebrities is that they are not separated for a moment from each other, since each place they attend is always seen together.

So much so that even recently Anuel AA and Yailin released “Del kilo”, a common song that also has the collaboration of rapper Treintisiete.

It was precisely during the interpretation of this song that the native of the Dominican Republic took the opportunity to “perrear” with her husband and the video was shared on her Instagram account as part of the promotion of this new material.

Regardless of the size of her pregnancy “tummy”, Yailin decided to dog Anuel AA, who responded emotionally to the dance.

The recording did not take long to go viral due to the number of reactions and criticism from Internet users, who questioned that the singer performed these movements while in her condition:

“Not even because she is pregnant is she respected”; “He does not take care of the pregnancy”; “I don’t know why she has to show her belly, we already know that she is pregnant, there is no need”; “The baby all dizzy” and “Even pregnant does not take away the ordinary”some netizens wrote.

While other users took advantage of the publication to remember Anuel AA’s ex-girlfriend: “Wait for Karol G to see this. He is not going to have dinner today ”and“ The hurt G get out of here ”, read in other messages shared in the post, which already exceeds 645 thousand “Likes” and accumulates thousands of comments just a few hours after being published.

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