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Yadhira Carrillo believes that “it is time” to receive good news about her husband’s legal situation

Yadhira Carrillo believes that “It is time” to receive good news about the case of Juan Colladowhom he has not stopped visiting in prison for almost four years.

The protagonist of soap operas such as ‘Loving you is my sin’ and ‘Barrera de amor’ maintains hope that the legal situation that her husband, the lawyer, has been facing for three and a half years, will soon be resolved Juan Colladowho is under investigation for various crimes, including organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin.

During the visit that she made as every week in the North prison in Mexico City, the actress had a brief meeting with the media, before whom she reiterated that she fully trusts that her husband will be released as soon as possible, because until now his guilt has not been proven in any of the accusations to which he has been subjected since July 2019.

“Today I am with my husband celebrating almost four years of being here, without having a single crime, of any kind and here we are, Why? We don’t know”, he explained before the cameras of the program ‘Despierta América’.

During the meeting that took place before Christmas Eve, the television star could not help but show her anguish and exhaustion in the face of the difficult situation her husband is facing, so when asked if she still hopes to receive good news, she did not hesitate in answering: “It’s time, it’s time“, and then continue on his way without talking about the subject anymore.

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