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Yadhira Carrillo and Leticia Calderón have an unexpected meeting: “There has always been a good relationship”

Yadhira Carrillo attended one of the tributes paid to the deceased first actor Ignacio Lopez Tarsowhere the ex-wife of his current partner also met Juan Collado, Leticia Calderon.

At the time, the blonde actress declared that her then-husband had cheated on her with the former beauty queen, while the latter has always denied it.

Although the television cameras failed to record a meeting as such, it is possible that Leticia Calderón and Yadhira Carrillo had met, although the latter denied it and stated that she would have greeted her without any problem.

There has always been a good relationship, always, we agree on many sides and we hug each other. I hug her and say ‘How are you?’, since ever. It’s just that the press is in charge of gossiping, ”explained the actress in a meeting with the media.

Ignacio López Tarso was a witness at Yadhira Carrillo’s wedding

Yadhira Carrillo also spoke about Ignacio López Tarso, who was a very important character in her life because he was a witness at her wedding with Juan Colladodespite the fact that Leticia Calderón was also her friend.

“He was at my wedding and signed as a witness; we had a very nice relationship. I can tell you that the cinema, Mexico and the world, today —physically— lose an icon,” the actress asserted.

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