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XP credit card: how does it work?

The XP credit card came to revolutionize the market and minimize its competition.
Unlike other credit cards, this one offers novelties and differentiated features.

Therefore, we have separated all the information you need to understand everything about this card, from what it is for to how it works in practice.

What this article covers:

What is the XP Credit Card?

If you don’t follow investment platforms, maybe you don’t know about the investment platform. They are responsible for offering different investment products such as variable income, fixed income and much more. They still provide advisory service for their customers to have the best experience.

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And now they have created the XP credit card which is only available to customers who have invested more than 5K in an XP account. There are two categories of this card, the Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite Category One.

What is XP for?

Credit card that has the Visa flag and you can normally use it to make your purchases. But, there are some differentials that accompany it.

How does the XP card work?

A card with benefits aimed at an investor who cares about his financial life. Even most of your money invested, you like to enjoy life and take advantage of tools that bring you advantages like this card.

It works in the credit function, it is international and zero annuity. But calm down, we’re still going to address several other wonderful advantages.

How to apply for the XP card?

Before applying, you must have an account at XP and have invested at least R$5,000 to apply for your card. After meeting these requirements, access your account and go to “card”. There you will find the button to request your XP credit card. Fill some pages with mandatory data then click validate and confirm.

Then just wait for the credit analysis to occur and the response if it was approved through your e-mail. It may take up to 14 (business) days to receive this response.

Before receiving your physical card, you will already have access to your virtual card through XP application??

When to order the XP card?

After creating an account and investing at least five thousand reais.

Is the XP card worth it?

Yup. It’s so worth it. It has zero annuity, Investback, access to the Visa VIP room (about 2 to 4 accesses available per year), it is international, low interest rate for late bills (3.45% per month).

XP card is worth it
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In addition, you have access to Visa Infinite benefits aimed at insurance and other travel services; concierge who works as a personal assistant to give you restaurant, travel, gifts and much more tips (chat and phone service).

You have the option to add your card to digital wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. You can still order up to six additional cards to share that limit.

How does XP Cashback work?

Instead of the usual cashback, the XP credit card offers investback. New on the market that returns part of what you spent on purchases in a different way, it makes this money available in the form of an investment to earn your money.

The percentage is 1% of the total you spent on your card. The money you receive back is accumulative, and when it reaches R$50 it is automatically invested in fixed income.

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