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XP Card: Why Use It?

The XP Card arrived recently and has already become a very attractive option for consumers. The company, for the time being, still does not see the possibility of disputing customers with other cards in the market, but rather a means of expanding its visibility in new segments.

One of the most popular benefits of the XP Card is the possibility of many advantages such as the premium card and its cashback service. Because of this, it is worth understanding a little more about the benefits of the XP Card and its main advantages of use. Check it out below.

What this article covers:

What is the XP Card and how to use it?

The main objective of the XP Card and its services is to operate as an additional asset for investors and to win new customers with its exclusive services.

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Due to its purpose of services, its functionalities are largely destined to operations, even the limit defined as initial is constituted according to the investments of each client. Even its cashback system, considered unique in the market, works according to the line of applications.

What do I need to have the XP Card?

The XP card is intended only for current brokerage clients, therefore, it is necessary that the interested person has an active account and has already made investments of at least R$ 5 thousand. This card only works as an add-on for all investors and customers.

Thus, this card becomes attractive only to the investor public and brokerage clients, due to its functionalities aimed at investments, cashback for investments and other benefits aimed at the executive segment.

Customers who meet the XP Card standards receive an invitation to have the card by email or receive a notification through the application. If you have not received it, you can contact the company for a possibility analysis.

What features and advantages of the XP Card?

The XP Card is a financial product issued solely under the Visa Infinite, a very sophisticated category in the cards market. In addition, there are other features aimed at the needs of your target audience.

No annuity

The XP card does not contain any type of annuity, so it is perfect for customers who no longer want to pay fees to use a card.

Advantages of Visa Infinite

All XP card customers can enjoy all the services offered by Visa Infinite. You can get benefits for travel, casual shopping, and more. In addition, with Visa Infinite, international travel has excellent insurance that covers everything from medical emergencies to free parking at airports.

Online management

With the XP Card, the customer manages to have 100% of its management just by using the XP application. In it, invoices and expenses are paid at the same time, in addition to including other features such as blocking and unlocking the physical and digital card.


When making purchases at XP partnership stores, every customer gets up to 25% of the amount spent back for the user’s investments.


This card is a great option for investors who want to conduct their business in a 100% secure format. The physical card does not contain numbers like other cards, just the name of the investor. In addition, the application is a highly secure environment capable of protecting data and managing it.

Therefore, the XP Card becomes a very attractive option for its target audience of investors and brokerage clients. In addition to a card with zero annuity, all cashback from its use returns as safe investments.

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