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Ximena: Its Biblical Meaning – Incorruptible

What does Ximena mean and what is its origin?

According to experts, the meaning of the name Ximena is “the one who is listening” and refers to a woman who knows how to perceive and is attentive. The names Jimena, Gimena and Ximena are the feminine version of the name Jimeno, which originates from the anthroponym Simón.

What are the Ximenas called?

The two forms are suitable: Jimena and Ximena.

How do you tell those who are called Ximena?:

The diminutives of Ximena are being able to be: Xime. Ore.

What did Santa Ximena do?

Like her husband, she donated the Victoria Cross, which had been covered with gold and beautiful stones in the castle of Gauzón, to the cathedral of Oviedo in the year 908. Another cross, also covered with gold and beautiful stones, was donated by the two spouses to the cathedral of S. de Compostela.

What does Jimena mean in the Holy Scriptures?

Jimena is a feminine name of Hebrew origin that means “the one who knows how to perceive”.

Who was Saint Ximena?

Jimena de Asturias (d. June 912) was queen consort of Asturias, by her marriage to Alfonso III, and mother of the kings García I, Ordoño II and Fruela II of León.

What is Jimena’s personality?

Individuality. They are women who attract attention because of how charming they are. Always friendly and with a smile on their faces. It is for this reason that it is very easy for them to make friends, with whom they like to spend a lot of time and not just like to go on a spree.

When is Santa Jimena 2022?

The date of celebration of the saint of Jimena is February 18.

What blessed is celebrated on February 18?

Juan da Fiesole (b. Angelico), Dominican priest. Proclaimed Universal Patron of Artists by John Paul II, his memory is celebrated on February 18, he is considered among the greatest painters of all time.

What is the blessed of tomorrow?

San Juan hermitage of Licopolis.

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