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Xiaomi’s new ‘impossibly’ slim foldable • ENTER.CO

It has only been a day since Samsung unveiled the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 4. But the Chinese brand Xiaomi has already revealed its second foldable, the Mix Fold 2, but with a particular feature: it is much thinner.

When open, the phone is only 5.4mm thick, enough to have a USB-C port when folded it is 11.2mm thick. True, other phones like Huawei’s Mate Xs 2 are also 5.4mm thick when opened. However, it folds out, lacks a secondary display, and comes with an 11.1mm-thick camera “column.” The key to the thickness of Xiaomi’s phone is its “micro water drop hinge” which is third generation. This allows for a tighter fold in the panel as well as flexible viewing within the 8.8mm high hinge structure.

The Chinese brand contextualized that in the competition’s phone the “micro-hinge” has a height of 11.25 mm, but in this new hinge the fold is much less visible. To achieve this level of thickness, Xiaomi sacrificed a bit of battery, going from the original Mix Fold’s 5,020mAh to 4,500mAh. Although the brand is also firmly betting on the efficiency of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. In addition, it maintains support for 67 W fast charging, which manages to go from zero to 100% in just 40 minutes.

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All these advances make the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 one of the lightest Smartphones, weighing only 262 grams. There are also other advantages include larger heat dissipation components, dual Harman Kardon speakers, NFC, and IR remote control. When it comes to cameras, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 comes with the same “liquid lens” and shares an almost identical 50-megapixel main camera with optical stabilization. In addition, it has a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera as it already came in the Xiaomi 12.

Image: @Xiaomi

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