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Xbox would be developing a console for the transmission of video games • ENTER.CO

Although Xbox is the best-selling video game console in the world, Microsoft is not satisfied with it. Now Microsoft, the company behind the consoles, is planning to bring the Xbox experience to many more people around the world. As reported by the same company, they have been working on a video game streaming device.

The code name under which this new device is being manufactured is “Keystone” but it is not as such a complete game console as we are used to. This, on the contrary, is a device that will focus mainly on the transmission of both games and other types of content that we still do not know.

According to our colleagues at 9to5Mac, a Microsoft spokesperson revealed that the company’s gaming offices are committed to a much more accessible Xbox experience for the public. They want to achieve this through new “low-cost hardware” which could be connected directly to a computer or television; in this way, users will be able to play without the need for a console.

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At the moment, we do not know the value of the console, its size, specifications and other details, but it is expected to be quite cheap. Likewise, the content that can be obtained with this new hardware, we assume, will be linked to the company’s video games, but we will have to wait. However, Windows Central comments that this project has been in development for several years, so we could expect it in a couple of months.

Of course, what we are clear about is that the company will not miss out on its Xbox Cloud Gaming service, with which anyone with a stable internet connection can enjoy Xbox games on any device. So instead of running games locally, Microsoft’s platform runs them on its servers and streams them online to different devices.

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