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X.com Elon Musk’s social network? • ENTER.CO

In the midst of the legal battle with Twitter for the purchase of the social network, Elon Musk launches a scoop. He thinks of his own social network.

X.com, that would be the name of the social network that the founder of Tesla would make. This would be an unexpected ending in the battle between Twitter and the tycoon. But it also confirms that whatever the outcome of the war with Twitter, Elon Musk is still thinking of having his own social network. This came after Musk responded to Twitter users about buying Twitter, as well as the recent sale of Tesla shares.

Of course, there are no more details about this possible social network, only what Musk himself responded to in his tweet. Although there are some details of the domain that Musk mentions in his trill. X.com is a domain that Musk already owns and it started as an online bank that was founded in the year 1999. It then merged with its competition in the year 2000. By the year 2017, Musk bought back the domain that was in power of PayPal.

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Now if you enter the domain X.com you will only see a big blank page with an ‘x’ on the top left. If Musk’s purpose is to build a social network from scratch, then we might have some clues as to what it would look like. This based on what he had already communicated that he wanted to do with Twitter. Like less restriction in terms of content moderation, encrypted messages and also a better boost to verified accounts. But verify that they belong to humans and not to bots or spam within the social network. All this is speculation, until the legal battle between Musk and Twitter is resolved, so we can know what X.com is going to be.

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