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What are the benefits of Writing for Us?

  • Increased brand awareness and visibility

  • Website domain authority increase

Why blog and why do it with us?

Do you already know what are the advantages of writing in a blog? Already in “ What do we publish? We explained this a bit. We were saying that basically: (1) you can enforce your right to free expression and (2) increase your recognition, get better job opportunities

Now, although you can create your own blog, we believe that for it to be useful and successful it requires:

  1. Generate valuable content, such as opinion articles, with some regularity. Otherwise, you will NOT have a frequent audience or “followers”.
  2. Have a suitable platform for publications. Usually this involves paying for a web server (hosting), designing and configuring the web page, and managing it. This can be somewhat complex if it is not your main expertise or activity.
  3. Etc etc etc

Considering the above complexities, we are convinced that it is much easier and more viable for us to get together and share resources and experiences.

How are we organized and steps to publish?

So this community blog is organized into sections or, called on this platform, “Categories”. Each of these “Categories” has a style and has its own management team and conditions. However, the publishing process is similar for all of them. 

It really is very easy. If you have any questions, as simple as searching for “How to add a post in WordPress” on Google or YouTube. You will find hundreds of teaching resources. We recommend reviewing two short videos in which we show how to do it specifically on our platform and the editing tools we have.

It is important to highlight that in the previous video, “How to add an entry”, a user with the role of “collaborator” is considered. That is, in this type of platform (supported by WordPress) users can have several roles. A “Contributor” can write a “Post” or new post, however, it requires a user with a higher role to approve their post, i.e. an “Author” or “Editor” role.

In our blog we want everyone to be able to publish what they want. Therefore, we have provided various types of “Categories”. Some require compliance with specific conditions, and the approval of the respective “Editor”, and others where anyone can publish meeting a minimum of conditions (no plagiarism, good spelling, respect, etc.). 

Blog Guidelines

  1. It must be 100% original content written by you.
  2. It should be conversational and easy to digest. Imagine that you are talking to one of your closest friends.
  3. Minimum 750 words per post, additional bragging rights for 1000+ because longer posts get more shares and views.
  4. You must write your own title. Bonus points, get 2-3 spare holders
  5. Please provide at least two original photographs.
  6. Be sure to cite your source by providing a link.
  7. Absolutely no Call to Action, i.e. “download this awesome download/calculator/bot flow etc.” absolutely not.
  8. Indicate if you are related to the person mentioned in the publication.
  9. Within a week of the original post being published, you can post the article on your website by providing a link to our blog


First of all, keep in mind that this is an open community where you are responsible for what you post. There is no filter, unless you post in a “Category” with an admin team.

Here are some tips for your creations to reach more people inside and outside our community. We have made these tips thinking for the category ” Water, education and democracy “, which is a section of the type articles or opinion essays. However, some tips are general for any type of publication:

  1. Be original. It is common to find the same topics with the same arguments and the same conclusions. We look for proposals that do not fall into commonplaces or repeat the content addressed by other columnists.
  2. Take care. We expect well-argued texts, written with love and tasty to read, without writing or spelling errors.
  3. Be rigorous. Be sure to check all the facts and sources you cite.
  4. Don’t get tangled Avoid pretentious and bureaucratic language. The clearer, the better.
  5. Dare to disagree. We like unexpected approaches and people who think differently from us. 
  6. Be respectful. Your message will reduce its impact if it contains insults, false statements or incites crimes.
  7. Appropriate length. Remember, it is a short essay, not a compendium. Focus on a single idea, not several. We suggest that your essay be between 700 and 1100 words. That is, ideally 1 page or, maximum, up to 2 pages approximately. Otherwise, it is unlikely that they will read you.

One last recommendation is that you first write your article in a file on your computer or in the cloud, in such a way that you reduce the risk of losing what you have written (because your computer shuts down or another accident). You can use the template , on GoogleDrive, which we used in one of our articles.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to sharing and working with ANYONE. Email: Admin@wisetrendz.com

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We are accepting “Tech Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of tech related content.

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