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Would Twitter videos compete with OnlyFans? • ENTER.CO

With the news that Twitter is considering the option that its users charge for video content and given the lack of censorship that the social network has, Internet users are wondering if Elon Musk’s goal is to compete with OnlyFans, the adult social network that in 2022 it has earned 932 million dollars.

An email to which The Washington Post had access indicates that users could enable the ‘Pay video’ function after adding audiovisual content to a tweet and then choosing the price that would already be preset by the platform: 1, 2, 5 or 10 dollars.

However, users who are interested in the content but are not willing to pay for the reproduction, could like or retweet. The money of the people who pay would go to a Stripe account (payment gateway) of the creator and Twitter would keep a small commission.

According to information obtained by Washington Post, the feature could be coming in two weeks. The teams that are developing the tool would also be evaluating the risks and the rules for publishing videos and their charges. This in order to filter inappropriate content such as copyrighted images.

It should be noted that pornographic material is currently allowed on Twitter, something that differentiates the platform from TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. Adult material circulates freely and many porn actresses and actors use their Twitter profiles to distribute clips or promote, precisely, their OnlyFans accounts.

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Now the two platforms would be competition in porn clips? Which of the two would be more profitable? What is certain is that the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, wants to revolutionize the social network.

In the meantime, Twitter will take care of “risks related to copyrighted content, creator/user trust issues, and legal compliance.” This has to do, for example, that after paying to watch, a video does not show anything that was promised.

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