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World Cup Qatar 2022: Mhoni Vidente predicts who will face Argentina in the final and if he will be champion

The astrologer predicts which country will face Argentina in the final in Qatar.

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Mhoni Vidente had predicted that Argentina was one of the favorites to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup and so far the famous astrologer’s prognosis has come true. But according to her prophecies, which country will face the Argentine team in the final? Will it be another of your great favourites, France, or Morocco, the surprise of the World Cup?

On Tuesday afternoon we witnessed the exciting victory of those led by Lionel Scaloni after defeating Croatia 3-0 in the first semifinal with an outstanding performance by Messi.

Now, it is the turn of France vs Morocco, a match that the French look more powerful on paper, but the Moroccans have surprised big favorites like Spain and Portugal. Will they be able to beat Mbappé, Dembélé and Griezmann? According to Mhoni Vidente, Didier Deschamps’ team will be in the final.

“France has been very good (in this World Cup) and my predictions to be the world champion is Argentina or France,” said the astrologer in an appearance for Heraldo TV. This means that the final will be between both teams, but the psychic goes further and reveals who will be the champion. “Argentina is going to keep it“, he sentenced.

Brazil was the victim of the curse of the cat

On the other hand, the astrologer said that the Brazilian team stayed in the semifinals due to a curse.

On December 7, during the press conference of the Rio de Janeiro team prior to their duel with Croatia, a cat burst into the room before the eyes of Vinicius Junior and a member of the press office of the Brazilian Football Confederation, who threw it into the air. I usually.

“If you behave badly with a cat, it brings you bad luck” sentenced Mhoni Vidente so, in the opinion of the expert in esoteric arts, it is no coincidence that after this controversial action, Brazil has been left out of the World Cup.

And it is that for the clairvoyant luck plays a lot in this world cup, so each team must take care of any aspect associated with cabals and superstitions before jumping onto the playing field.

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