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World Cup Game Launched by Google

Since the 20th of November, the whole world has been following the qatar world cup 2022 for TV games. And besides, let’s agree that once again in its history, the Canarinho team has stood out, showing that it’s no wonder that it is the only five-time world champion team besides the favorite to take the title once again!

However, the vast majority of people were unable to travel to Qatar and others want to enjoy the games much closer to the players. With that in mind, Google has created a way for you to follow all the games playing through the world cup game🇧🇷

In practice, Google released the game for browsers. So during the game break you can enjoy a lot and have fun! Therefore, we must congratulate Google because, for the first time in the history of the World Cup, Google allows its users to actively participate in the Cup, through the game and also following everything in real time!

So, in this article, we’ll tell you what the world cup game is all about and teach you how to play! Let’s play?

See what the new World Cup Game is all about

“The world cup is ours, with the Brazilian there is no one who can”. In Brazil, this little march sung by the group “Titulares do Ritmo” celebrates the first time that the Canarinho team was champion. At the time, Brazilians listened on the radio to the matches that took place in Europe in which Pelé, Garrincha, Didi, Gylmar, Zagalo and company shone.

However, years later, here we are, watching everything on television, cell phones and also on the computer.

Thus, in a much more optimized, faster and interactive way, the World Cup, which was already magical, became even more enchanting. And precisely thinking about it, Google decided to innovate once again and made the World Cup Game available.

In that sense, the Google released a new game called Mini Cup which consists of fans taking penalties and having fun while waiting for the next match.

In short, the game is available according to the match that is taking place, that is, everything in real time.

so you can choose which selection you will represent according to the game of the moment and the more you win, the more difficult the world cup game becomes.

Who is the favorite to win the world dispute?

Firstly, according to estimates and with Opta, an artificial intelligence model from the British company Starts Perfom, the Brazilian team is the favorite to win the World Cup in Qatar.

In this sense, the tournament is already moving on to the quarterfinals, starting this Friday, December 9, when the Brazilian team faces Croatia. And besides, Croatia has been a strong candidate in the Cup, remembering that this has been the Cup of the underdogs, with the elimination of Spain to Morocco.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Brazilian team has been the favorite since the beginning of the world Cupaccording to Opta.

Thus, Brazil started with a 17% chance of winning, reaching the mark of 25.2% on November 29th, after beating Switzerland.

In summary, the Brazilian team continues to be the favorite candidate and, in addition, in Qatar, most of the country’s residents also guarantee support for Brazil!

Learn how to play the world cup game

So now let’s learn how to play the world cup game!

First, search Google on your cell phone for the term “world Cup” or other competition-related terms.

Then a blue icon will be available in the corner of the screen. Then click on the blue icon and a list of matches will be revealed. After that choose one of the matches and click on “Play”🇧🇷

Ahead, choose which selection to play with and beat the penalties helping the chosen team. Thus, drag the ball towards the goal, always avoiding the goalkeeper. After that, just call your friends and have fun with this fantastic game!

When are the next Qatar World Cup matches?

Next Friday, December 9th, matches will resume. In this sense, the first game of the quarterfinals will be that of the Brazilian team. At 12h, Brazil will face Croatia.

However, still on Friday, the Netherlands and Argentina teams will go to the field at 4 pm to decide who will face the winner of the duel between Brazilians and Croatians in the semifinal.

Thus, on Saturday, December 10, two more games will be held for the quarterfinals. Morocco and Portugal will play at 12:00; and France and England, at 4 pm.

In short, the winners of both matches will face each other in the semi-final of the tournament. Shortly after the quarterfinals, the World Cup matches will have a new stop and will only resume on Tuesday, December 13th and Wednesday, December 14th, next week.

Where to watch the 2022 World Cup matches?

So, it is worth mentioning that Rede Globo maintains exclusivity in broadcasting the World Cup on free-to-air TV.

And in addition, it is also on the closed channel SporTV and the streaming service Globoplay that will also broadcast the competition.

However, the influencer Casimiro also received the rights to broadcast the World Cup games on YouTube (CazéTV) and Twitch (Casimito).

And in addition, the International Football Federation (FIFA), responsible for the World Cup, launched its free and online streaming for fans to enjoy the games in high resolution, FIFA Plus (FIFA +).

In addition, the best news is that you can share the results of the matches, and even replay the games and have fun! Wassup did you like it? Tell us in the comments what you thought of the game and also if you’ve already made a pool to bet on the matches of this Cup full of surprises!

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