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workout in the comfort of your home

We know that physical exercise is essential for the health of individuals and for keeping the body up to date. Stimulating the circulatory and respiratory system through exercise is very important. There are benefits to constantly engaging in physical activities, but if not done correctly, it can backfire and lead to many health problems. Know that there are exercises for every individual, both in the gym and exercises to do at home.

The World Health Organization (WHO) started to treat physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) as a public health problem. The lack of physical exercise in the routine of individuals carries many health risks, thus increasing the obesity rate, mortality rate and heart disease. These are just some of the health problems that can be developed by the lack of physical exercise along with a poor diet in people’s lifestyle. It is a great danger to society.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, gyms had to close respecting what was decreed at the time, so many people who exercised every day, maintained a balanced routine with exercises and a balanced diet, had to innovate by exercising at home, this is how apps, classes on Youtube and much more were developed thinking about those who needed to continue practicing exercises, but at home. There are people who take this habit to this day, because it has already become a routine habit.

According to physical educator Francis de Carvalho, from Wellness, states that it is possible to obtain the same results training at home as in the gym: “It is possible to achieve good results using body weight, that is, without needing accessories and equipment, provided performed in the right way and at the right intensity. But when it comes to hypertrophy, which is muscle mass gain, it is necessary to use overload to stimulate muscle development.”

Finally, Francis says: “The most important thing right now is to stay active, so as not to become sedentary, which is one of the most severe risk factors. The tip is to choose a time and be disciplined. Make physical activity part of your daily routine.” During the pandemic there was a lot of innovation, to use as an overload, it could be a bucket of water or a bucket of sand, possibilities to transform it into exercise equipment, objects that you had at home.

Here is a list of exercises that can be done at home to stay still and not move:

stationary running

Stationary run. (Photo: Reproduction/Globo Esporte)


Squat. (Photo: Reproduction/UOL)

grouped abs

Abdominal grouped. (Photo: Reproduction/Blog da Miligrama)

dip in the bank

I dive into the bank. (Photo: Reproduction/umCOMO)

Push-ups with chest on the floor

Push-ups with chest on the floor. (Photo: Reproduction/Smart Fit)

Abdominal plank on the floor

Abdominal plank on the ground. (Photo: Playback/Pilates Blog)

full jumping jack

Complete punching bag. (Photo: Reproduction/Vitat)


String. (Photo: Reproduction/Body Energy Blog)


Burpee. (Photo: Reproduction/Vitat)

lunge jump

Jump with a dip. (Photo: Reproduction/Boa Forma)

We already know that the benefits are countless, but there are the main ones that cannot go unmentioned, as they are very important for those who need a motivation to start the “fitness life”, whether doing exercises at home or in a gym, start eat correctly and thus change your lifestyle completely to have more longevity and make the most of your youth.

We already know that the benefits are countless, but there are the main ones that cannot go unmentioned, as they are very important for those who need a motivation to start the “fitness life”, whether doing exercises at home or in a gym, start eat correctly and thus change your lifestyle completely to have more longevity and make the most of your youth.

Some benefits you enjoy when you practice physical exercises:

Decreases stress caused by routine

Physical exercise acts by reducing stress, which is released by the adrenaline and cortisol hormones, which occurs in situations that end up making the individual anxious about something, someone or an uncomfortable situation. It is quite common, because in everyday life there is always stress due to one thing or another, whether at school, at work or even at home, it is part of human beings to get stressed, but this ends up harming the health of those who are suffering a lot. constantly going through situations that directly affect her.

Increases the disposition of the individual

After the release of dopamine, serotonin and endorphin hormones, it is possible to feel several benefits together, such as a feeling of well-being, relaxation, rested body, thus providing more willingness for the individual to perform routine activities, such as; work, study and take care of the house. As a well-known phrase says, “exercise tires the body and rests the mind.”

Helps fight excess weight

To combat obesity or overweight, physical exercises act in an essential and essential way in this process, because through them it is possible to burn most of the fat, with very intense exercises there is more body fat burning. High-intensity exercises combined with bodybuilding (resistance and strength training) contribute even more so that the desired results are increasingly close to being achieved, through dedication, discipline and constancy the result comes.

Strengthens joints and bones

Strengthening bones and joints is important especially for those who are elderly, active and do not like to sit still. It acts in an essential way so that there are no injuries, weakening of the bones and many other problems acquired with age. Of course, there is little care, it is essential that when exercising you do not force yourself beyond what the body is capable of withstanding, as in this way serious injury can occur, which is why it is recommended that it be done under the supervision of a professional in the field. to avoid these situations.

Helps to strengthen the immune system

Immune strengthening is essential for the body, because without being healthy and strengthened there is no way to perform physical exercises, so the process occurs with the defense cells being activated to fight the body against infections. The production of anti-inflammatory substances that have antioxidants is stimulated, thus improving the performance of cells in protecting the immune system. One of the best benefits, as it acts directly on the system that makes the body work and perform the necessary activities.

These were the main benefits that are acquired from the moment that the practice of physical exercises begins. We cite examples of physical activities that you can be doing and performing directly from your home, from the comfort of your place using what you have. Physical exercises are great for both body and mental health, as it is a way to de-stress, relieve yourself and just enjoy that single moment of the day set aside for this, at first it is difficult to maintain constancy but then everything becomes lighter and better.

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