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Woody wall painting: how to do it

Wood is a very popular material in decoration and architecture. It provides the feeling of warmth and also helps to warm up spaces.

The painting that imitates wood favors the comfort inside the house. (Photo: Disclosure)

The traditional wood, however, can be replaced by a special painting that mimics the appearance of the material. O woody finish it is perfect for renewing the decoration of spaces and guaranteeing great results.

THE woody painting It can be applied to different surfaces, such as walls. In the vertical space, the finish will behave like a real panel, squandering elegance and rusticity🇧🇷

In the market, it is possible to find several paints with decorative effects, including those that imitate wood🇧🇷 However, to complete the finish, the resident can forgo a specific product and bet on a wall texture technique.

What this article covers:

How to do woody painting?

Check below the necessary items and the step by step to make a woody painting🇧🇷

Materials: Sheep wool anti-splash roller, stamp with wood effect, sponge, pigmented acrylic paste, ink bucket, flannel, brush with 30 cm bristles, 360 grit sandpaper, colorless pasty carnauba wax and gloves.

Step by step

The pigmented acrylic mass is essential for the finish. (Photo: Disclosure)

1. The surface that will receive the woody painting must be clean and regularized;

two. dilute to pigmented acrylic putty in up to 20% water. Apply the paint with the roller on the surface;

3. When painting, it is necessary to make strips of 50 cm to 70 cm, with movements equivalent to the letter W;

4. After applying the putty, pass a brush with short bristles, making constant vertical movements to draw the scratches in the wood. When completing the step, it is recommended to wait for the drying period of 8 hours;

5. When the wall is completely dry, apply the second coat making the stripes. Then ‘comb’ vertically with the brush;

6. While the dough is still wet, apply the stamp with ‘wood effect’🇧🇷 The movement must be like a seesaw, making vertical stripes and keeping the tool’s knot always downwards;

Completion of woody painting. (Photo: Disclosure)

7. The application of the stamp must take place while the second layer of acrylic mass is not completely dry. To speed up texturing, it is recommended that two people work together;

8. After completing the texture, it is necessary to let it dry for 24 hours;

9. Finally, sand the surface with water sandpaper;

10. Use the soft side of the sponge to apply clear carnauba wax to the woodsy painted surface. The product promises to enhance the grain of the wood;

11. Complete the texturing by buffing the surface with a flannel.

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