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Wooden Windows, Models, Prices

At Wooden Windows, Models, Prices work perfectly in residential environments, contributing to the internal and external decoration. There are different models of windows available for sale in building materials stores, but it is important to be careful not to choose an article that deviates from the characteristics of the architectural style.

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Wooden Windows, Models, Prices

With an aesthetic and functional profile, windows are indispensable inside and outside a residence. They form the link between the internal environments and the exterior of the house, allowing air circulation. On the facades, the windows reveal innovative elements, capable of adding a touch of personality in the look of the property🇧🇷

You wooden window models are found in traditional or modern versions, valuing the variety of styles present in the area of ​​architecture and decoration. Since wood is a resistant, neutral and timeless material, its use in the manufacture of windows makes good contributions to the infrastructure and look of the house.

Wooden windows vary in size, material type and finish. The models used in the construction of country houses are very robust, detailed along the lines of rustic decoration. There are also of wooden windows made with a contemporary lookthat is, ideal design for the facades of modern houses.

It is important to point out that the window does not work in decoration alone, it depends on the combination with other elements to achieve its aesthetic goals. When choosing a model, see if it adopts features similar to the entrance door so as not to harm the harmony of the facade.

THE decoration with wooden windows provides a unique feeling of warmth. In addition, the parts are easy to install and have low maintenance costs. Even with the strength of the structure guaranteed by solid wood, it is recommended to be careful with exposure to external agents, such as sun and rain.

THE wooden window with accordion shutters has been a great success among house projects. Elegant and original, this model works well in brick houses. Pieces with pantographic or sliding openings also serve as inspiration for architects and designers.

Classic model that never goes out of style

Check out some wooden window prices🇧🇷

– Rondosul Venetian window 1.00×1.00 meter for R$ 188.25 at Taqi Store.

– Real Venetian window 1.20m x 1.20m for R$ 469.00 at Taqi Store

– Real Venetian window 1.60m x 1.20m for R$ 747.82 at Taqi Store.

– Rondosul Venetian window 1.20×1.00 meter for R$ 225.90 at Taqi Store.

Where to buy Wooden Windows

Various building material stores provide wooden windows in their stores. Check out some of the stores we have selected for you:

There are several models and sizes that are offered for you to decorate your home to your liking. There are usually lines of windows and doors to make harmonizing your home easier and simpler. See some pictures of houses decorated with wooden windows🇧🇷

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