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Wooden sliding doors for bathrooms

Sliding doors are a great option for those who don’t have a lot of space, they are usually used a lot in apartments. In particular, the bathroom is not a very spacious place in the house, so using elements that take up little space is ideal. If your bathroom needs a makeover, check out the wooden sliding doors for bathrooms🇧🇷

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Wooden sliding doors for bathrooms

Even those who live in apartments or small houses can play with the decor and use elements that make everyday life easier. Especially about the bathroom, it is a place where you need privacy and space to relax with a good shower after a long day at work, do not forget about it when thinking about the architecture of the home.

The most common style is the wooden door, but this material can be used in a smooth, traditional way or even worked with details that make the door highly valued and elegant.

Advantages of wooden sliding door

It does not take up space – a great option – and quite elegant too – are the sliding doors made of wood, the door does not take up much space when opening and is functional because it runs parallel to the wall.

  • divide environments – another use of the sliding door is to divide environments such as bathrooms and hallways.
  • easy assembly – there are sliding doors that have a track only at the top and not on the floor, mounted with screws and quite quickly.
  • Enlarge the environment – the sliding door with mirror is another idea to enlarge the environment.
  • Lock the door – contrary to what many think, sliding doors are safe and guarantee privacy, it is possible to keep the door closed through a lock.
  • Quality – wood is a very resistant material and easily found in good quality.

Combining bathroom styles

A cool idea is to combine the material of the sliding door with the countertop of the sink, both can have the same material. This simple option makes your bathroom charming and appears larger. Style combinations are in fashion and many people are joining this new trend in decoration. Check out the photos below:

Daring is to use the colored door! See how beautiful the yellow door and gray wall🇧🇷

For environments that allow the loudest tone rustica super special door and does not lose its elegance (pictured below).

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