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Wooden Sleepers Prices

Wooden sleepers are generally taken from railway lines that after a certain period need to be replaced, and then these woods become objects of use in civil construction as flooring, panels, structures, decorative pieces and other purposes. Confirm the news about Wooden Sleepers Prices charged­čçž­čçĚ

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Wooden Sleepers Prices

in the area of decoration of wooden sleepers are much sought after for having a rustic appearance that gives a significant contrast to the environment. They cause an impression of an old-fashioned look, which gives charm to any environment in which you are willing to do it. The advantages of this wood, in addition to beauty, is the price.

in the market to buy wooden sleeper the cost is much lower than the sleepers produced with another type of material, therefore, for those who work with wooden sleepers, it is the most economical option because it allows the money invested to have a faster return. Its use is varied and it is very versatile. The ties can be used for wooden decks, wooden garden paths, rustic looking wooden furniture, rustic looking wooden floors, rustic wooden fencing and many other applications.

On the free market, you will find a wooden sleeper measuring 3 meters or more, with four sides looking great, for a price of BRL 85.00 per unit or in 12 installments of BRL 8.22, used product.

Wooden sleeper with a size of 0.50 cm, landscaping crosspiece and deck with one or two sides, for a price of R$ 13.50 reais per unit or in 12 installments of R$1.31 reais, used product.

Hardwood sleepers used in sizes 0.50, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1, 40, 1.60, which can be used to make paths, stairs, gardens, landscaping and used in constructions such as demolition material, because in addition to being ecological it leaves the environment with a very beautiful rustic air, for a price of R$ 36.00 reais per unit or in 12 installments of R$ 3.48 reais.

Used wooden sleeper with a length of two meters and varied faces from 1 to 3 faces for a price of R$ 24.90 reais per unit or in 12x of R$ 2.41 reais.

New eucalyptus sleeper measuring 200cm x 16cm x 22cm, weighing 80kg, for a price of R$ 32.50 reais per unit or in 12 installments of R$ 3.14 reais.

Used wooden sleeper with 1 to 3 sides with linear lengths of 2 meters, 1 meter and 0.66 cm, for a price of R$ 25.00 reais per unit or in 12 installments of R$ 2.42 reais.

New product hardwood sleeper, 2.00m x 0.18cm x 0.18cm long, ideal for making stairs, gardens, garden decoration walls, in perfect condition for a price of R$60.00 reais per unit or in 12 installments of R$5.80 reais.

Where to buy wooden sleepers

Go to the free market website and check out the prices that vary a lot and payment methods, because depending on your location they do not deliver and many charge shipping that most of the time is not included in the price. In addition to the free market, there are other places that also offer this type of mandeira, check below:

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