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Wooden Screens Prices

formerly the screens they were widely used in large houses, whose quality of life was higher, so much so that storybooks, which tell them in the days of wet nurses and high society ladies, who used several layers of dresses and, so many, needed helpers to place them, they make references to the screen that hid them during the change of clothes.

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Wooden Screens Prices

Time has passed and this tool has been improving, today we see it a lot as an article of decoration and sophistication, in environments such as ateliers, beauty salons, offices, service areas, and even, as in the old days, in the very residential houses that used them. keep it on the porch, in the living room or in the bedroom.

This piece of furniture represents an articulated wall that can be placed wherever it is most convenient and taken anywhere, depending on the screen it can also be used as dividing walls, as in work offices or even just to soften the sun that bothers visitors who are sitting in the leisure area of ​​a residence.

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Screens are usually made of wood, but they can also be made of plastic, and their prices vary greatly according to the quality of the material used, size, models, varnished or lacquered finishes, drawings, paintings, cutouts, in short, all of its structure will difference in its price.

You wooden screens their prices can vary from R$35.00 to R$450.00, according to their characteristics. There are stores specialized in making them, and they can do it according to your requirements, as is the case of the Meu Móvel de Madeira virtual store, which provides the best for its customers and with total satisfaction.

For example, a wooden screen for a bedroom or office, detailed in a Venetian style, with a varnish finish, made of solid wood from reforestation (Pinus), with dimensions of 180 cm high, 150 cm wide, 1.8 cm deep and 17 Kg in weight, it can be purchased for R$449.00 or in 10 installments of R$44.90.

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Models of Wooden Screens

Wooden screens should be cared for, as should all wooden furniture. There are many utilities and models that screens that are at your disposal, in addition to being an accessory that can be in any environment to please you, just choose the place that you are going to decorate or that you need and then buy a screen for yourself.

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