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Wooden house: advantages and disadvantages

In construction, wood is used for various purposes, including to structure entire houses. Brazilians are not used to investing in this type of project, but in the United States and Europe wooden real estate they are commonplace.

The wooden house is more frequent in the USA than in Brazil. (Photo: Disclosure)

At Wood houses lost space for masonry constructions, but they still continue to arouse the interest of people looking for a differentiated housing.

There is still a certain prejudice when thinking about wooden houses. People assume that the material degrades easily, does not have strength or durability. However, if the project is well developed, the wooden house exceeds expectations.

Like everything else in the world of construction, the wooden house has advantages and disadvantages🇧🇷 Check out the pros and cons below:

What this article covers:

Advantages of wooden house

The wooden house is more affordable and faster to build. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A wood has a timeless aesthetic and favors a welcoming atmosphere;

• Compared to conventional real estate, wooden houses offer greater construction speed;

• There is greater ease of future changes;

• Allows the use of ecological materials;

• A construction of a wooden house it usually makes the work cheaper;

• If a wooden house is well cared for, it can last for years and even centuries;

• Prefabricated wooden houses offer good thermal insulation conditions, that is, environments are warm in winter and cool in summer;

• Today, there are many products that help to protect the wood from the action of insects, sun and humidity;

• Due to acoustic insulation, wooden houses are very quiet;

• At brazilian woods used for structures demonstrate high resistance, as is the case of Ipê, Jatobá and Maçaranduba.

Disadvantages of wooden houses

The wooden structure has special needs. (Photo: Disclosure)

• At economical wood-built houses are more vulnerable to natural disasters than other types of buildings. In this way, some architects question durability and resistance;

• Some constructions may have the unpleasant creaking of wood;

• A wood has special needsthat is, it requires careful treatment and maintenance;

• The soil of the land where the wooden house will be built requires chemical treatment so that it is not vulnerable to termites;

• If the wood is not properly maintained, it will darken;

If the advantages stand out as more attractive, it is worth looking for an architect to develop a wooden house plan.

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