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Wooden furniture: how to protect

For those who like the pieces of furniture made with wood for decoration, a very pertinent concern is the correct care of these materials. Thinking about it, we selected tips for the correct treatment and maintenance of rustic furniture and other objects made with wood.

Wooden furniture requires specific care. (Photo: publicity)

What this article covers:

Wooden furniture

The houses that have objects and wooden furniture present a very comfortable and elegant atmosphere. With excellent finishes, these pieces provide a lot of warmth for those who visit the environment.

It is necessary to take some care with the furniture that is outside the house and also with those that are inside it. Those that are exposed to the sun, rain and even insects that gnaw the wood, they can harm in extreme cases, making you run the risk of losing the entire piece.

Water can damage wooden furniture. (Photo: publicity)

Tips on how to protect wooden furniture

1. With exposure to time, humidity and sea air, the pieces lose their shine and natural appearance in a short time. To combat aggression, all wood must be varnished. There are some special products for all types of wood, with many purposes, such as repelling water. The varnishes have versions with polyurethane and solar filter.

2. In addition to protecting, varnishes enhance the natural color of the wood, leaving a clear, high-gloss finish. They are suitable for windows, gates, wicker furniture, wainscoting and other interior surfaces.

3. If the varnish layer is poorly preserved, remove all the old varnish with the scraper. Allow 12 hours to dry before applying two coats. The wood must be sanded beforehand to remove any imperfections. To apply the varnish, mix it well and try to dilute it with turpentine.

4. Avoid passing wet cloths on top of wooden furniture. Always pass dry cloths with specific products for cleaning and wood conservation🇧🇷

5. Try to leave wooden furniture away from moisture and places where it is exposed to the sun for a long time. Always leave it in environments where there is more shade.

Furniture can be restored. (Photo: publicity)

Wooden furniture are pieces that help a lot in home decor. These elements require some specific care so that they are not spoiled over time. Bet on tips on how to conserve wooden furniture and always keep it beautiful. For more information, consult experts on the subject to guide care.

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