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Wooden floor in the kitchen: yes or no?

The kitchen stands out as one of the main places in the house. It is the space where residents prepare meals and also perform most of the household chores. At the time to plan and build a kitchenit is normal to be in doubt about the ideal floor🇧🇷

Hardwood flooring doesn’t always work in the kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

The ideal floor for the kitchen

The floor is the basis of all decoration, after all, it gives beauty and lightness to the environment. To choose the finish, it is necessary to think about style, space and practicality. For a material to be considered appropriate, it needs to account for both aesthetic and functional character.

not any type of flooring that suits the kitchen🇧🇷 The room has intense circulation, humidity and accumulates waste more easily. So that residents do not have problems with surface coating, it is recommended to choose adherent, resistant and non-slip materials.

The attention to choice of kitchen floor must be redoubled in cases of integrated rooms. It is important to always seek a balance between the two environments, as they are not separated by a wall. Residents should opt for a simpler aesthetic, without excessive details. It is also essential to follow the same pattern.

Wooden floor in the kitchen: yes or no?

Despite being elegant and charming, the wooden floor needs special treatment. (Photo: Disclosure)

To maintain a standard of equality with the room, residents can bet on the wood floor installation🇧🇷 The bet, however, is not always effective, as the room can acquire a slippery surface with low resistance to moisture.

If the resident wants to incorporate the wood rusticity to the horizontal cladding, it must take some precautions. First, it’s important to choose a tone between medium and dark, as the lighter ones stain easily. The material also becomes more resistant when it receives a layer of resin.

An interesting solution for the kitchen is to use a floor that imitates wood. Cement slabs, for example, guarantee a natural and original result.

Other materials are more suitable for covering the kitchen than the wood floor, as is the case with porcelain tiles, which are resistant to humidity and are easy to clean. Polished porcelain is more slippery, so it should be avoided.

Granite is another great way to enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen and ensure a safe surface.

Kitchen flooring tips

Moisture is a big problem for the wood surface. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out some tips below for hit the kitchen floor🇧🇷

• Small kitchens should be tiled with light-colored floors, as they benefit from the feeling of spaciousness;

• When using laminate flooring in the kitchen, it is essential to take care with cleaning. The use of a wet cloth can make the coating misaligned, so a damp cloth is recommended;

• Ceramic remains one of the most used materials to cover the interior of the house, as it is easy to maintain and affordable.

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